This is Ralitsa Vassileva's Bulgarian Web page
Here's one of the very few interviews with her, published Jan 2, 1995. It was taken by Veni
Ralitsa Vassileva is an anchor for CNN International (CNNI). Based in CNNI's Atlanta headquarters, Vassileva anchors "World News." 

Before assuming her position at CNNI, Vassileva anchored for Bulgarian Television. In just two months as a national Bulgarian news anchor, she became the country's second highest rated anchor. Vassileva joined Bulgarian Television in 1988 as an English-language reporter preparing CNN World Report stories and became a reporter for the country's domestic broadcasts in 1989. 

In 1990, Vassileva participated in the CNN World Report International Professional Program - a professional internship for contributing broadcasters. While in Atlanta, she co-anchored the program with regular anchor Ralph Wenge. This led to a permanent anchoring position with World Report.
Prior to joining Bulgarian Television, Vassileva worked in the English section of Radio Sofia as an English announcer, translator, and reporter.
Vassileva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and attended several English language schools while growing up. She graduated from Sofia University with a major in English language and literature and a minor in Bulgarian language and literature.
If you want, you can visit also her home page in Germany. (plenty of pictures there) 
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