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This is the page dedicated to my Grand Father - Venko Markovski.
Memories about Venko Markovski - in Bulgarian.

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Дипломна работа на студентката от Карловския университет в Прага Анка Арнаудова,
разглеждаща историята, творчеството, жизнения път и преследванията над
Венко Марковски в Македония.

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Venko Markovski
Born on March 5, 1915, he is one of the most contradictive persons I've seen.
He published the first book EVER in Macedonian dialect of the Bulgarian language, while living in Sofia in 1938. At this moment (1938) there was no such a state - Macedonia.

The play "Macedonian Faust"was performed in Ohrid on July 29th. This is the article from "Nova Macedonia" daily on July 30th.
Read more about the new play, just performed in Ohrid (29.07.99).

In 1944 he participated in the formation of the Macedonian alphabet.
Cover of the book Oginot by Venko Markovski, published in 1938 in Sofia. This is the second book published after his book Bigori, published earlier same year.
The poem Oginot itself
The cover of the book Luna, published in 1940.
The poem Altana from the book Luna.

He was also among the most prominent figures in the first years of the just-formed socialist Yugoslavia, and esp. the Macedonain republic.
After 1948 he choose to face Tito in a discussion about Stalin and communism.
He was sentenced to prison, and later on sent to Goli Otok - the concentration camp in the Adriatic sea.
After 1965 he went back to Bulgaria and remained there until his death on Jan 7, 1988.

Because the texts are written in different languages, I've scanned them and so you can take a look at the following gif pictures:

1. 24 hours (BG, 120 Kb): the last days in the life of Venko Markovski
2. Dnevnik (MK, 112 Kb): an article by Jovan Pavlovski, basically against a Dimitar Dimitrov, who seemed to have published a book against V.M.
3. Kontinenet (BG, 127 Kb): about the creation of the Macedonian alphabet
4. Trud (BG, 78 Kb): interview with the Croatian Ambassador to Bulgaria Dr. M.Mestrovic with some remarks about V.M.'s book - Goli Otok - the island of death, published in the USA
5. Trud (BG, 129 Kb): A page about the same book - Goli Otok.
6. Dnevnik (MK, 97 Kb): A story about Venko Markovski's sister - Doka, who also says where did I get my name from:-)
7. вестник "Сега", 07.08.1999 г.

You can learn more about him at the following places:
buy his book "Goli Otok - the island of deaht" from Amazon, and here

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